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Web 2.0 Recruitment - RecruitPro Live
RecruitPro Live is a web recruitment solutions which comes with Career site, Web 2.0 Job marketing, Recruitment Processing, Consultant management & Employee Referral Program and more.
Ideal for both Employers and Recruitment Consultants
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Customizable Recruitment Software - RecruitPro 360
RecruitPro 360 helps create your entire recruitment software without coding. You can create your own recruitment software to suit your unique working methods.
Ideal for Recruitment Consultants, Talent Search Firms & Employers
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RX Job site Solution
Are you planning to start your own jobsite. RX JobSite is a complete job site application software with almost all features of leading Jobsites & much more
Entrepreneurs & Recruitment business expansion opportunity
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We develop Innovative & Customized solutions as per your requirement.

Customized Career Portals

  • Built in RSS feeds
  • Dynamic search
  • Work flow management
  • Resume mining tools etc
  • Auto Job posting in multiple data

Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Web & client server Applicant tracking tools
  • Complete sourcing avenue management
  • Database, Business & Market intelligence
  • Resume Parsing tools

Recruitment Process Automation

  • Complete work flow management
  • Source management
  • Resume & hiring statistics
  • Recruiter performance analytics

Reporting tools

  • Recruiters performance monitoring
  • Hiring Ratio vis-a-vis Source
  • Sources statistics
  • Cost per hire

Job Publishing & Resume mining

  • Resume mining for Passive candidates in te web
  • Job publishing to multiple Jobsites
  • Job broadcasting via RSS
  • Job Spec mailing tool to consultants

Smart tools

  • Job Spec Creator
  • Schedule manager
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