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Web 2.0 Recruitment - RecruitPro Live
RecruitPro Live is a web recruitment solutions which comes with Career site, Web 2.0 Job marketing, Recruitment Processing, Consultant management & Employee Referral Program and more.
Ideal for both Employers and Recruitment Consultants
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Customizable Recruitment Software - RecruitPro 360
RecruitPro 360 helps create your entire recruitment software without coding. You can create your own recruitment software to suit your unique working methods.
Ideal for Recruitment Consultants, Talent Search Firms & Employers
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RX Job site Solution
Are you planning to start your own jobsite. RX JobSite is a complete job site application software with almost all features of leading Jobsites & much more
Entrepreneurs & Recruitment business expansion opportunity
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Referral Program

Recommend RecruitPro to a colleague: Receive rewards

Recruiters know how referrals are of value. According to a 2004 survey by CareerXroads/Mintel, employee referrals account for 33% of all corporate hires. We also understand the value of referrals for our business and are pleased to launch the RecruitPro Recruiter Referral Program.

Receive rewards when a colleague you refer purchases a RecruitPro product.

Do you know a colleague who is looking for an applicant tracking system for on-line recruitment? Is he or she responsible for the evaluation process and the return on investment of such a project?

RecruitPro is a powerful and flexible solution which is poised to make a Revolution in the Recruiting community. With its robust Search, Web interface, Local database, complete recruitment process automation, Exhaustive reports, Resume Parsing, Contact management, communication management, Dynamic internal security & easy to use features -You are doing a Favour to the organisation you want to refer.

If you know of someone who is in the process of evaluating the ROI of an ATS Applicant Tracking System, please let us know.

For every colleague you refer that purchases a RecruitPro product you can win a rewards.

How does it work?

Complete the online referral form. If your referral signs with RecruitPro within 3 months, you’ll receive a cash reward of 10% of RecruitPro purchase value of the client you have referred.

Program Details :

Referrals will only be accepted from the online form found here and you may register as many referrals as you wish.

You will receive the reward from 24x7 Software Technologies if a Purchase contract is signed by your referral within 3 months of 24x7 Software Technologies receiving the referral.

24x7 Software Technologies will award the selected reward to the referrer 30 days following the referrals Purchases and pays for the product. The Reward will be given either in US dollars or Indian Rupee (for Indian Referrals).

24x7 Software Technologies reserves the right to refuse qualification of the referred organization in the Referral Program. For example, if, the referral refuses to meet 24x7 Software Technologies executive within 30 days of receiving your referral or if, in the past twelve (12) months, they have requested RecruitPro information, seen a RecruitPro demonstration or is currently in negotiations with 24x7 Software Technologies.

24x7 Software Technologies reserves the right to modify and/or change the Customer Referral Program at any time.

24x7 Software Technologies will contact you only after the purchase agreement with your referral in completed.

Please send the Details of your reference to sales@24x7softech.com

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